Overwhelmed? Unsure? Frustrated? Confused?
It’s not such a “small world” after all!
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Resorts, flights, room categories, park admission, package options – we review it all and help you find the perfect match beyond your dreams and within your budget.


With dates in place, we help you navigate your way to the best of everything. Character meals, parades, shows, fireworks, special events – we help you sort through it all during our planning session. We make any necessary reservations in advance for you and organize your days to be smooth and efficient.


We provide you with your complete Adventure Pack® – Park Maps, Park Hours, Park Tips – all customized for your dates of travel. E-ticket receipts, resort vouchers, special event tickets, Magical Express vouchers – all are neatly organized in your special Travel Magic packet. You will also have all your plans laid out for you in an easy to read format – allowing you to relax and enjoy the magic.

The incredible parade?
It’s coming around the corner and you are in the perfect viewing spot thanks to our tips!

The fabulous meals?
The host is expecting you because we have made your priority seating arrangements in advance.

The world-class attractions?
You knew how to get to the front of the line with our FastPass 101.




We love to hear all about your trip when you return. We want to know how everything worked for you and keep notes on your preferences – after all, you can’t do Disney just once! So when you are ready for more, we can refer back to your favorite experiences.